welcome to kindergarten!

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pink piggy words!

starter words:








We call sight words pink piggy words.  Sight words are words that a child needs to learn by sight, as they are not usually easily sounded out.  Sight words make up a majority of the words that children encounter in text.  When children learn to consistently recognize these words it builds confidence, enables future risk taking, and is typically the springboard to reading with ease.

How can I help my child master pink piggy words?

Make it  F U N!

*Look for pink piggy words out in the world.  They are E V E R Y W H E R E!   

Show and share your excitement and observations with your child, 

he/she will "catch" your enthusiasm!

*Write the words on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, use fun markers on paper, 

use fun foam letters from a craft store, or string letter beads 

onto pipe cleaners and make bracelets.  

*Highlight the words in magazines and books and in your own print.

Kids this age   l o v e   highlighters!

*Write the words on sticky notes and put them on the wall in your child's room.  

Turn down the lights and give your child a flashlight.  

Have your child shine the light on the words as he/she reads them.  

*Play MEMORY with pink piggy words.  

As the weeks go by, we will have more and more words.  

The game will gradually get more challenging.

*Put some hair gel in a ziploc bag and seal.  

Have your child "write" the word in the hair gel.

*Hide the words around your family room and 

have your child go on a scavenger hunt.


When I was one,

I had just begun.

When I was two,

I was nearly new.

When I was three,

I was hardly me.

When I was four,

I was not much more.

When I was five,

I was just alive.

But now I'm six, I'm as clever as clever,

So I think I"ll be six now forever and ever.

-A.A. Milne