welcome to kindergarten!

mrs. davis         littleton academy              charter school

And will you succeed?  

Yes, you will, indeed (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed).  

Kid, you'll move mountains.

-Dr. Seuss

A super, fun game with a hundreds 

 chart.  Great practice!

Letters, sounds, short books, and phonics games.

Such a fun site for kids!

Look up an animal we have learned about!  Great pictures too!

All the fun things we learned!

Put the numbers correctly in order!

count to 100 practice!

Helpful way to learn basic number facts and gain familiarity with ten frames.

A fun game to practice addition!  Use the marbles if you need to drag them to the box to help you add.  Listen to the penguin...he NEVER says "good!".  

Great site to learn about different animals from all of 

the seven continents.  

Another fun place to visit is the live webcam of the animals at the zoo. 

Put the letters of the alphabet into the correct order.  Drag and drop.

This is a bit more challenging, but similar to the story problems we do in class.   You can always drag and drop to help find the answer.  

Fun practice with + math facts!